Ongoing Monday Study Group:
The Soul's Logical Life by Wolfgang Giergerich
What is Soul? by Wolfgang Giergerich

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July 20, 2013
ISPDI Workshop, Toronto

"Soul" in the Consulting Room

July 24, 2012
Berlin, Germany

Judas and The Psychology of Betrayal
International Society for Psychology as the Discipline of Interiority

March 23, 2012
Edmonton, Alberta
Groundhog Day: Time and the Psyche

May 27, 2011
Edmonton, Alberta
Jung, Alchemy, and Psychology

February 23, 2010
Edmonton, Alberta
The Judas Complex: Kiss of the Shadow

March 3, 2009
Edmonton, Alberta
Jungian Psychology: In Service to What?

March 6, 2008
Edmonton, Alberta
"Soul" and the City: From Jericho to Edmonton

May 8, 2007
Edmonton, Alberta
The Story of Soul: From the Stone Age to the Age of Psychology

February 23, 2007
Calgary, Alberta
Alchemy and Analytical Psychology

September 22, 2006
Ottawa, Ontario
Alchemy and Analytical Psychology

May 9, 2006
Edmonton, Alberta
Alchemy and Analytical Psychology

November 19, 2005
Victoria, British Columbia
Alchemy and Analytical Psychology

August 2005
Zurich, Switzerland
Alchemy: The Beginning or End of Analytical Psychology?

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